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Billing and insurance FAQs

Who do I call with billing questions?
For services rendered before November 7, 2022, please call Novant Health customer service at 1.844.NOVANT (844.266.8268).
For services rendered on or after November 7, 2022, please call the EmergeOrtho, P.A,. billing department directly at 800.359.1540.

As always, we want to ensure you have a complete understanding of any charges you incur from our practice.

To whom do I make out my check?
Durham Internal Medicine Associates. All payments for services rendered by Millennium Physician Group - Durham Internal Medicine Associate healthcare providers are to be made to DIMA.

Whom do I call for care questions?
Your doctor’s office. As a valued DIMA patient, you will continue to receive the highest quality care from the physicians you have come to know and trust over the years.

Is the patient portal the same?
No. We are transitioning to a new patient portal to offer you greater convenience and access to your care team when and where you need us most.
Please click here to set up your new account

Is my doctor and care team the same?
Yes. You are still a valued DIMA patient. DIMA’s focus on primary-care internal medicine coupled with Millennium’s resources and EmergeOrtho’s billing system allow us to truly innovate and provide the absolute highest quality care for our patients.



At Millennium Physician Group, you can trust that you and your loved ones will receive the very best medical care by our highly skilled physicians and staff members.

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