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Durham Internal Medicine Associates was founded in 1955 by a small group of internal medicine physicians who wanted the physician’s voice to be truly heard, choosing to practice medicine independently of large hospital groups. Today, our 10 providers and physician assistant care for 20,000 patients across our two Durham locations. Dedicated to caring for the whole patient, our practice specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases that affect adults age 18 and older. As skilled diagnosticians, our providers can expertly address most of your internal health needs.

We are proud to return to independent practice through new partnerships that will strengthen our ability to bring you the highest quality care you deserve. Founded in 2008, our new partner Millennium Physician Group is a leading independent physician group with more than 800 healthcare providers across the Southeast United States. Millennium physicians lead the nation in caring for patients of all ages, particularly those of Medicare age. DIMA was drawn to Millennium’s philosophy of physician leadership, emphasis on the patient-physician relationship, and focus on patient-centered care. Together, we aim to create a genuinely connected healthcare experience for our patients by providing a comprehensive and coordinated approach to patient care.

“We know that we do a really good job of maximizing care for seniors in particular and keeping them out of the hospital,” says Internal Medicine Physician Carlton Miller, MD. “Joining Millennium is absolutely a perfect marriage. We have a proven track record in value-based medicine and our culture and values are very much aligned with Millennium’s.”

Millennium Physician Group-Durham Internal Medicine Associates is a service line of EmergeOrtho, PA. As an established community healthcare provider, Emerge offers 45 outpatient offices in 21 counties across North Carolina. Recognized for offering world-class, comprehensive and compassionate care, the group is the largest physician-owned orthopedic practice in the state, also known for its patient-first philosophy. We are grateful to be able to partner with Emerge on our billing systems.

“We operate as a team,” explains Dr. Miller. “At the end of the day, it really is that incredibly dynamic, very, very special relationship between the physician and the patient. There's nothing like it. It's an absolute privilege.”



At Millennium Physician Group, you can trust that you and your loved ones will receive the very best medical care by our highly skilled physicians and staff members.

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